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got lost in my wonderland.

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1. Not The American Average - Asking Alexandria
2. Final Episode - Asking Alexandria
3. Fri Till Slut - Håkan Hellström (Swedish shit)
4. Coffin - Black Veil Brides
5. Ritual - Ghost B.C.

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Trust No Bitch Necklace

Earcuff With Cross Earring - SALE

Found THIS site a few days ago, and I’m in love with their jewelry. Those are two of my fave items, but I think I have a crush on their chokers. They’re definitely worth a checkout.
They also have the cutest mobile cases. I’m crushing on them as well, but it’s a pity I don’t have a phone fitting those. Otherwise I would buy the ear for sure, haha.

They ship worldwide, so give them a look!

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