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got lost in my wonderland.

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1. Starring Role - Marina And The Diamonds
2. R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys
3. Sex - The 1975
4. Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
5. Moving On - Asking Alexandria
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woo, cool girl

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I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, donate, and share this.

I absolutely hate asking for help, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m a 19 year old female disabled domestic abuse survivor who is in pretty desperate need of housing. This is the second time that my mom, sister, and I have been homeless since leaving my abusive step dad in 2008. My mom started dating my abusive step dad when I was two, so I don’t know a life without him. He tore down my self esteem and prevented me from having a childhood as well as having friends, and once we left him (I was 14) I hoped that things would be better, but nothing really improved. My mother and I do not get along, and it is extreme, which most likely stems from her life being a rollercoaster as well, but she is constantly at my throat and I can’t handle this constant anxiety coming from my home life anymore. Right now I am relying only on my sex work (I sell my nude photos) in order to buy food and necessities for my entire family. Because of this I am unable to save anything because I don’t make very much money at all and I have been forking over cash to many people who don’t understand the stress and strain I’m under. I have dealt with constant bullying at home (and at school, before I graduated) my entire life, as well as constantly being evicted and moved around and without basic needs such as food and clothing. I’ve lived in over 20 places so far and have attended 10 schools in my life, and I’d really love to stay somewhere for more than a few months for once. Currently, there is nowhere for me to stay besides my cousins two bedroom, one bathroom with 5 other individuals. I do not have a bed of my own, and I have a chronic bone disease as well as other chronic bone problems, so I’m in extreme pain 24/7. I also have anxiety and ocd, so as you can imagine, my mind is being exposed to a very negative environment and I have finally admitted to myself that I am depressed, and have been for a very long time. I want to begin my journey to happiness. That starts with getting away. I need help with housing. I am looking for funds for only myself as my family (although I’m sure they have good intentions, and I know I shouldn’t be making excuses for them) are very toxic and I am fighting nightly anxiety attacks being around them on top of my heavy amount of stress, so they will not be coming with me(my mom is saving for a place for she and my sister.) I need roughly $4,200 to afford to move into an apartment (a few months rent in advance, to cover myself if I don’t make enough one month until I am accepted for disability and find a part time job, furniture necessities, and groceries. Also money to pay for my wonderful dog to be able to live with me.) I apologize if this is scattered, but I’m explaining this the best I can while enduring a migraine I’ve had for two weeks and my hands shaking with anxiety(I’m a mess right now), so please forgive me if it is. Even $1 is help, and I ask that if you can’t afford to help, please share this. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this so so much. I love you all, please remember that if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you. xo Amber

Please please please take the time to read and re-blog this and help out a person in EXTREME need. It means the world for even just a re-blog because its a chance for her story to get out there and have a chance at living a peaceful life. Amber is full of dedication, courage, life and so much more. I’ve never seen a more generous person in my entire life. She would do absolutely ANYTHING to help anyone in need. Even if it’s something from a sweet complement to a stranger, to getting the whole Kansas City Chiefs team to sign a foot ball in memory of a child that passed away who’s most favorite football team was the Kansas City Chiefs. She goes above and beyond for anyone, despite her issues and the negativity of the world. Her whole world is crashing down on her and she’s trying her absolutely best to keep trying even if there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. As time goes on for her, the tunnel seems to be getting longer, darker, colder and no one is coming to help her way out… So show her that light at the end of the tunnel. Show her there still is hope. She is my very best friend, and I can’t stand to see her suffer anymore and not be able to help her in anyway possible. Please, read this story. Share this story. Even donate if it is possible. It would be beyond words grateful if you would do any of those three. Thank you. <3

I’d like to add that I do NOT condone gofundme’s recent activity allowing racist campaigns to continue on their site. However this is currently my only option.

Okay so I’ve never actually met you but I love you so much and I’ll do everything I can to help you 💕😘

You’re wonderful and I love you!

I wish I could help you! But I’m just as broke, so I will share this every single time I see it. Stay strong lovely. You’ll get through this <3 Sorry I can’t help!

Thank you! It’s really the thought that counts. I appreciate it so much!

Okay guys, we’ve raised $40 total. But here’s the issue:

I have until the end of the month to find a place to go. PLEASE reblog this if you see it. I am desperate.


Come To Creature’s Cave


Anonymous asked: what is a submit box and how can I make it ? xx sorry wasting your time with this stupid question

I would say that it’s kind of like an askbox… but you can send pics, links and videos through it as well! And you can get one simply by going to your blog settings and click that tiny box that says “enable submissions” or something like that xx

my parents fucking lied

talking to strangers on the internet was the best decision of my life

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Anonymous asked: Would you consider yourself to be an insecure person?

No, not really! But I guess that depends… I’m not really insecure about the way I am nor how I act e.t.c, if you know what I mean? But maybe sometimes when it comes to being accepted by the people I love and care about I can get a bit insecure and self-doubting (:




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Nightmare Of Tim Burton